Nor Farida SkyAwani IV Owner

Hi Elijah! I have started paying progressive payment few months ago. Since this is my first house purchased, I love to say thank you as I easily bought a RUMAWIP because of you. You have help me out from beginning. I’m not a tech savy person but you assist me on the KWP application. To be honest I’m so grateful, I think you are helpful agent. I meet few agents before this but not one of them helps me out regarding documentation and what to do etc. Your briefing is simple yet helpful. And give me the best advice and assistances in buying this unit . Especially when I am buying a RUMAWIP during this pandemic, I think you are really efficient all these while. Even we don’t meet frequently, but the process is so smooth I love how you able to conduct and manage my entire submission to KWP,  fast and simple. Thanks you! Now I am waiting for SkyAwani to be completed in 2024, hahaha

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