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Keying in a Wrong IC Number for Residensi Wilayah Application(KWP Website)

First you can go to the official KWP contact page to clarify this by clicking HERE . The problem with this is you may need to invest quite an amount of time to rectify this and time is not necessary siding you when you are applying for a Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia’s project (RWKM). Fyi Residensi Sutera sold out within days!

Here is my simple solution, just create a new account for your email specifically for the application Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia. For example, is your email. Then register a new account with and key in you IC address again! This will save you time or you can just contact us when you are considering to buy as we provide free service of all these administrative work for all our clients. Just direct message us with the WhatsApp button below on the left!

Please subscribe to the telegram channel by clicking the button below to be updated with the latest Residensi Wilayah’s project & always deal with an experience agent from in order to successfully secure your favourite Residensi Wilayah unit!

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