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Residensi Wilayah : Reasons Malaysian Fail to get one!

10) SCAM

There is countless misleading advertisement on Facebook and Instagram about Residensi Wilayah which cost more than RM 300,000. They are not Residensi Wilayah or RUMAWIP (former name). Malaysians generally get confuse because of this and also the constant change of the name of this welfare program. It is now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia.

9) Self Application

Malaysians to apply through the official channel often delay in submission as that lack the experience to do it themselves speedily. For eg. Residensi Armani ( sold out in a few days. Only experience real estate agent focus on Residensi Wilayah can help you to stay ahead.

8) Inexperience Real Estate Agent

Malaysians who buy through agent who advertise in Facebook or Instagram adverts risk booking with first timer real estate agent in dealing with Residensi Wilayah, those who book through them becomes the guinea pig! Application approval maybe delay, fail or possible ban for a year if the specific agent does not study the requirement for Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia. Some newbie agent will request that the applicant to apply for approval from the government themselves.

7) Slow in Submission of Relevant Documents

Experience agent will be handling your submission for approval for your purchase of a Residensi Wilayah unit, he or she requires your cooperation in giving out your personal documents speedily. You won’t be able to secure a unit before obtaining the government approval.


CTOS is Malaysia’s leading Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) under the ambit of the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010 which is privately managed. When an individual did not settle debt such as phone bill, credit card payment & etc, your CTOS scoring will be red and it may or may not hinder your mortgage approval.


CCRIS stands for Central Credit Reference Information System wholly owned and operated by BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) to facilitate credit risk management among banks. A bad CCRIS record will definitely affect your loan application. Most Residensi Wilayah applicants have a bad CCRIS record because they default on their PTPTN payment or have zero CCRIS record (don’t have any form of borrowing from the bank) which makes it hard for the bank to classify you as a good payment master.

4) Bumi & Non Bumi Quota

There is a 50/50 quota for Bumi & Non Bumi enforce on all Residensi Wilayah projects. For example, the location Cheras is the favourite among the Chinese community. If a Chinese applicant did not book a unit earlier on, did not submit the relevant documents to the agent who handle the application process for government approval or to the bank for the application of loan in the shortest time possible; he or she will not be able to secure a unit. In the same location, Bumiputera will find it really easy!

3) Bank Loan Quota

The is a specific amount of quota allocated for each Residensi Wilayah project. Most Residensi Wilayah applicant are applying for My First Home Scheme (100% + 10% Financing) which only certain bank are allowed to provide; if the quota is taken up the other applicants must be able to fork out RM 30,000 for down payment to secure a 90% + 10% financing.

2) Slow in Registration

Developer in the beginning often take in a limited amount of registration before the official launch. First time Residensi Wilayah applicant will usually wait till the gallery is open before registering or booking and realise it’s too late (applicable for prime location projects only). The approach of book first & decide later works best in getting a Residensi Wilayah unit!

1) No Insider Information

The easiest way to get a Residensi Wilayah unit is going through an agent who specialise in this. By engaging with us in; we will handle the application process for you, assist you to get the best banking loan & keep you ahead of others as we are the one with the insider news!

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